Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the policies of the Management Board and Nuon Energy’s operations in general. In addition, the Supervisory Board functions as the Management Board’s advisory body.

The Supervisory Board’s supervision of the Management Board includes the realisation of the company’s objectives, the strategy and risks related to business activities, the design and operation of the internal risk management and control systems, the financial reporting process, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Collective responsibility

The responsibility of the Supervisory Board for performing its tasks is a collective one. In fulfilling these tasks, the Supervisory Board acts in the interest of Nuon Energy and of the companies forming part of the Nuon Energy group, while taking into account the interests of all parties concerned.


A member of the Supervisory Board is appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders on the nomination of the Supervisory Board. Both the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Central Works Council have a reinforced right of recommendation for a third of the Supervisory Board members.


The composition of the Supervisory Board is such that all required expertise is present for a proper performance of the tasks and that the members can operate critically and independently of each other, the management and any particular interests.